How to Build a Highly Profitable Bookkeeping Practice - Introduction

This free recorded, on-demand video is the first session of the How to Build a Highly Profitable Bookkeeping Practice course. It lays the foundation for the remaining six training sessions:

  • Session 2 - Bookkeeping Practice Management
  • Session 3 - Highly Profitable Bookkeeping Services
  • Session 4 - Marketing and Selling Bookkeeping Services
  • Session 5 - Performing Bookkeeping Services
  • Session 6 - Billing and Collecting Bookkeeping Services
  • Session 7 - Client Care

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  • Introduction
  • Benefits
  • Bookkeeping Practice System
  • Why QuickBooks Online?
  • Bookkeeping Practice Objectives
  • Bookkeeping Practice Processes
  • Bookkeeper vs. Accountant
  • Bookkeeping vs. Accounting
  • QuickBooks Advisors
  • QuickBooks Users
  • What Do Prospective Clients Want?
  • Who is Your Competition?
  • Small Business Owner Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Payroll Options
  • Small Business Owner Concerns

Training Format
Anytime, anywhere, recorded, online, instructor-led, on-demand video

50 minutes


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