NACPB is serves bookkeepers providing bookkeeping services to the public.

Public bookkeepers generally include:

  • Freelance bookkeepers,
  • Outsource bookkeepers, and
  • CPA or accounting firm paraprofessionals.

Members are owners or employees of bookkeeping or accounting businesses or practices.

NACPB protects the public by helping to ensure that only qualified bookkeepers provide bookkeeping services and assures the public that members are trusted and competent.

NACPB helps bookkeepers provide bookkeeping services efficiently and effectively.

Certification and Licenses
NACPB's nationally recognized certifications and licenses help protect and assure the public that members are trusted and competent. They help bookkeepers gain a competitive edge and distinguish them from other bookkeepers providing bookkeeping services.

Bookkeeping Resources

NACPB provides bookkeeping training, tools, and support bookkeepers need to provide bookkeeping services more efficiently and effectively.

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