Bookkeeper Certification Exam Preparation Course

Bonus: Course Includes Bookkeeper Certification Exam

NACPB's Bookkeeper Certification provides business and nonprofit owners and managers assurance that you possess the knowledge and skill to perform bookkeeping accurately and efficiently.

NACPB's Bookkeeper Certification Exam Preparation Course increases your bookkeeping knowledge and skill and enables you to perform bookkeeping accurately and efficiently. The Course also enables you to pass NACPB’s Bookkeeper Certification Exam.

Students Receive

  1. Textbook and Materials
  2. Classroom Instruction
  3. Instructor Support
  4. 16 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Credits
  5. Bookkeeper Certification Exam

Textbook and Materials

Classroom Instruction
Recorded online instructor-led classroom instruction

Instructor Support
Students ask questions and receive answers via email to instructors

CPE Credit
16 CPE Credits


  • Session: 1. Accounting: The Language of Business
  • Session: 2. Analyzing Business Transactions
  • Session: 3. Analyzing Business Transactions Using T Accounts
  • Session: 4. The General Journal and the General Ledger
  • Session: 5. Adjustments and the Worksheet
  • Session: 6. Closing Entries and the Postclosing Trial Balance
  • Session: 7. Accounting for Sales, Accounts Receivable, and Cash Receipts
  • Session: 8. Accounting for Purchases, Accounts Payable, and Cash Payments
  • Session: 9. Cash
  • Session: 10. Payroll Computations, Records, and Payment
  • Session: 11. Payroll Taxes, Deposits, and Reports
  • Session: 12. Accruals, Deferrals, and the Worksheet
  • Session: 13. Financial Statements and Closing Procedures

Course and Certification Steps
The Course is designed as a thirteen week course (one session per week). However, the Course is a self-study, self-paced course. Therefore, the actual length of the Course is determined by the amount of time you dedicate to the Course and your current understanding of bookkeeping and accounting.

  1. View recorded online College Accounting instruction.
  2. Review College Accounting chapter Objectives and New Terms.
  3. Read College Accounting chapter.
  4. Read the end of chapter Summary, Learning Objectives, and Glossary.
  5. Complete each chapter Section Self Review and the Comprehensive Self Review.
  6. Answer the chapter Thinking Critically questions.
  7. Answer the chapter Discussion Questions.
  8. Complete the Study Guide Practice Tests.
  9. Review the Study Guide Demonstration Problem.
  10. Complete chapter exercises using the forms provided in the Study Guide.
  11. Complete chapter problems using the forms provided in the Study Guide.
  12. Complete the Critical Thinking Problems using the forms provided in the Study Guide.
  13. Complete the Business Connections questions.
  14. Repeat for each College Accounting chapter.
  15. Take and pass the Exam (Exam included)

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College Accounting (A Contemporary Approach), 3rd Edition

Study Guide and Working Papers for College Accounting (A Contemporary Approach)

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