NACPB Bookkeeper Certifications

Assure Clients of Your Bookkeeping Knowledge and Skill

NACPB is America's leading provider of professional bookkeeping certifications.

Professional Bookkeepers
NACPB's bookkeeper certifications help professional bookkeepers communicate their bookkeeping knowledge and skill to clients and peers.

NACPB's certifications help clients engage knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

Professional Bookkeeper Benefits
Professional bookkeepers who possess more knowledge and skill, and are able to communicate their knowledge and skill by certification, are more likely to obtain clients.

Client Benefits
Clients who engage knowledgeable, skilled, and certified professionals are more likely to receive timely, relevant, and reliable financial information and make better business decisions.

Knowledgeable, skilled, and certified professional bookkeepers help clients:

  1. Increase financial position,
  2. Increase profit,
  3. Increase cash flow,
  4. Obtain financing, and
  5. Decrease federal and state tax income taxes.

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